Monday, 23 February 2015

Introducing Number 2, or, as we like to call him: Burpee!

.... and the reason why things will be slowing down a bit here on MyMischMasch for the next couple of months. 

Now that I have reached the point where sitting comfortably is not possible without compressing my stomach to the point of severe protest from inside it, and my arms cannot easily reach the laptop in most any realistic position on the sofa, it is time to let you know that posts might be appearing at a somewhat slower frequency here on MyMischMasch as we reach the last 4 weeks before the due date of our newest family member, Number 2, or, as we lovingly refer to him,Burpee. 

What do you need to know about Burpee

  • It looking like it is going to be a he, unless our gyno and ourselves were having severe ocular malfunctions the three times he decided to sit exactly on the ultra-sound in the recent past. 
  • He is incredibly mobile and active, moving and kicking since month 5 to the point where my stomach is getting more exercise than any other part of me. 
  • He has endowed me with the skill-level of a teenage male when it comes to, yes,  you've guessed it, burping. Not just any old, fizzy-drink-induced weak excuse of a burp either, but full-throttle, coming up from the depth of your stomach, expanding your oesophagus on the way up digestive vocals. On a bad day, every few seconds. Not good. And particularly undignified for someone raised in Vienna, where your cliche 'young lady' does not behave this way! 
  • and while I have been 'enjoying' the side-effects of this: lots of nausea and low mobility, he is in great health, expanding my stomach to a yet-unknown girth and making himself comfortable.... of course not in the position he should be; not that I would expect otherwise from our offspring. 

So, my lovely readers, as I reach the limit of what I can physically write in one go at the moment, and we wait for little Burpee to make his appearance, I hope you can hang in there and bear with me and I look forward to getting in touch again more often as soon as I can!!! 




  1. We can wait for such a wonderful cause, Cary; besides, your writing is worth anticipating!
    Wishing you and your family all the very best!