Friday, 30 January 2015

Taking stock..... in January!

My first taking stock in 2015 - how exciting! It's been a busy start of year for us, with Baby being ill twice already, a hospital visit for me (ergo all of us) and plenty of other things going on.... and, it snowed! 

Not for ages, but it did stick around for a couple of days, covering the world around us under a peaceful white blanket.

Enjoying - the snow & the crunch under our feet as we went out for our first walk in it. 
Regretting - that Baby had a bad cold and couldn't go out to play in the snow. 
Eating - everything in sight, it feels like, & particularly sweet things.
Craving - fruit yogurt, and salad, but not together :)
Worrying - about our early contraction scare and visit to hospital.
Trying - to get my resting in, which my doctor has ordered. Not so easy with a toddler at home! 
Missing - my mobility
Not missing - the fresh big wave of nausea attacks the treatment for early contractions brought on.
Wondering - whether my stomach will pop from Number 2's vigorous attempts to turn himself. 
Reading - the induction material for my applied psychology degree. 
Drinking - lots and lots of water. Which also means: 
Running - to the bathroom.... all the time! 
Recovering - from doing my legs this morning so I can go swimming again. Man, that is hard with an 8th month stomach in between! 
Marvelling - at how fast Baby has learned to walk across whole rooms in the last two weeks. 
Looking - forward to what this year will bring! 

PS: Mein Rückblick auf den ersten Monat von 2015!