Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Spice up you life!

Many of the groups Baby and I have been to have included either much younger or much older children, leaving me mostly in the position of either being asked for advice or getting advice, rather than direct comparison. This weekend we went to see some friends of ours, whose son is only 4 days older than Baby. 

Not that you would know it!!!! His feet and hands look a good 50% bigger than Baby's and he could easily go for 12 rather than 8,5 months. And I thought Baby was big! This little guy is crawling and standing already, leaving his Mom trailing after him around most of the house, as he has not been accustomed to a play pen and she figures he probably won't go in one now. 

His Mom and him spent most of their time around Baby, with her guiding his hand away from its fast trajectory towards Baby's curly locks, saying:'We pet hair, we don't pull it. Ei, ei, Ei.' (a commonly used term for baby talk in German). At one point he had his hand on Baby's butt, looking around, much like a little conqueror. :) All of this while Baby played calmly on. 

How amazing how different and full of personality these little tykes are already at such a young age. Variety definitely is the spice of life!

We try not to let the ever more common child comparisons get to us, but I must admit, it was surprising to see the differences and kept my mind buzzing for a while. 

In the meantime Baby made it on to all fours recently and we are giddily awaiting the first crawling step. We know he will get there eventually, even if sometimes it is hard to remember that while other parents tell you about their walking-talking "miracle children". 

Variety be with you! 

PS: In diesem Post geht es um die Vielfalt in der Entwicklung unterschiedlicher Babies und den damit einhergehenden Zirkus.

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