Monday, 12 October 2015

Engineer at work.... let's start this thing!

I am woefully behind my intentions to post, so let's get this baby started. Enjoy! 
Misch has reached the combat-crawling stage and speed at which Hubby and I have been forced to progress to the next stage of baby proofing. Stage one, the electrical plug protection, has been in since I had to coax a friend to visit us with her two-year-old past her strong concerns that her little one would only be safe outside of her own home. I am left wondering: What does she do when her daughter is invited to parties? Do they not do those at that age yet? 
What do I know?! We managed to assuage her worries with plugs in all sockets and squishy covers on hard corners. This, incidentally, has turned out to be a very popular chewing toy with Misch. He sits up right next to the coffee table and chomps down on the soft foam edging surrounding it. Apparently it is tasty as well as protective.
Then we had a bit of a breather when it came to protecting household items and furniture from the baby and vice-versa. Lets be honest, the child comes above all, but if you can keep your furnishings too, all the better!
Then the speed of the combat crawling reached such that further action is now required. Whenever one of us is in the kitchen Baby spends his time crawling at high speed after us, panting excitedly at the idea that he might reach the fridge or pull-out cupboard before they are closed again. He has learned that things can be pulled out of shelves and, oh, how much fun this is. So, for us parents securing all breakables within his reach has become a thing of urgency!

Away went the cute monkey-shaped storage container that used to live on the bottom shelf. Away went the ‘kittie kitty’, a piggy bank for all our spare coppers, funding little treats for the two furry ladies of the house, previously at home in the lowest shelf in our side board. I suspect we will be putting children locks on some of the drawers soon, but for now remain torn between the advice to encourage self-confidence in your child by allowing them to access drawers and shelves, and the thought of Misch high on sugar after digging into the family sweets drawer. Yes, I freely admit, we have one of those. Mom and Hubby need access to sugar hits, after all! 
More on our adventures very soon....... 

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