Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Oh no, the hair!!!!

We hit the headline news today. In Hamburg, in our little kindergarten, we were the talk of the town. 


Oh no, how could we!!!! 

This weekend Baby's curls had hit a point when even the kindergarten teacher was calling it 'a mat'. Not that that stopped her from dramatically informing us that our cutting it had been the topic of the week - at least we only have Tuesday - amongst the kindergarten employees. I can just imagine them, sitting over their coffee break - of which they do not get many - or lunch, discussing the terrible deed in hushed tones, with the odd exclamation slipping out.

So the lovely curls are a bit shorter than before. We have now officially reached the point when I cannot cut it myself by hand, as we had been wont to do, but need Hubby's hair clippers in order for it not to look like some kind of crazy person had been let loose on Baby's head. 

I admit, it did turn out a little shorter, because of the corrective action needed, than we had originally planned. 

At least Baby did not cry while we were cutting, unlike other times, and I managed to come out of it without injuring either him or myself. Surprisingly, he didn't even mind the noise of the hair clippers on the first setting, only the shorter, more high-pitched sounding setting did not go over so well. But we won't be using that in future, since corrections of my cutting 'talents' won't be required. 

On Monday we were greeted in kindergarten by the student helper there making a Munch-like The Scream face, and exclaiming about the lost tresses. How could we do it???!!! Where are all the curls?!

Never mind that even at a short length you can already see the little twirls coming through, particularly in the front. 

And then, well yes, we apparently have kept the ladies - and guy! - talking for two days! 

So much for our headline adventures this week. Have you ever managed to hit the kindergarten/school headlines? 

PS: Großer Aufruhr im Kindergarten: Wir haben Babys Haare geschnitten!!

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