Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year! Taking stock .... in December

After putting my 'monthly' taking stock column in place, I have not actually managed to do it again! 

What better time then, to make up for lost time by taking stock now, at the end of December, and the end of 2014. 

Celebrating: a lovely holiday season, none of us being ill (knock-on-wood), and a great year

Looking forward to: our evening with friends, ringing in the New Year

Looking back on: a year full of enjoyment, love and learning

Enjoying: Baby's first independent steps and block stacking efforts

Reading: Not much, but when I have time: another part of the series: Das innere Team in Aktion, by F. Schulz von Thun - a communications psych. book

Listening to: the last bits of Christmas music before the collection wanders back into the closet

Clearing: our basement, of things we no longer need or want

Drinking: some anti-alcoholic bubbly

Eating: fondue, with, hopefully, yummy, home-made dips & lots of chocolate

Anticipating: starting a distance-learning Applied Psychology degree & another exciting year, with an addition to our little family on its way in early spring

On that note, my family and I hope you are similarly happy when taking stock of your 2014 & we wish all of you lovely people out there a great celebration at New Year's Eve and a HAPPY NEW YEAR
nur ne Wunderkerze von Christine F.

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