Friday, 14 November 2014

Why Moms and Dads rock!

The lovely Tanya Neufeldt, aka Lucie Marshall, has called on all Mommies to write about why we rock, in an effort to fight against all the other c***p in this world that makes sure we think we do not. I full-heartily agree and am happy to join the chorus. 

In the tradition of our little family, where we try to balance our child care tasks ('duties' has such a negative ring, doesn't it? After all it was our choice to have Baby.) as well as we can, I have extended the call from #momsrock to #momsanddadsrock

So, here we go, my ten reasons why Moms and Dads rock: 

Reason #1 - because we care
Because no matter how silly the injury or upset seems to anyone else, Baby knows that Mom and Dad will always care that he is not happy, even if we know that nothing serious happened. 

Reason #2 - because we are silly
Because we do silly things just to make Baby laugh, like saying 'yucka' or 'oopsie' or, most recently, smashing cookies with a rolling pin. 

Reason #3 - because you can count on us
Because we are always here, even if we are not around at the moment. Baby knows he can always count on us. 

Reason #4 - because we get up
Because we get up at night, no matter that both of us are exhausted. Even if we are sleep-drunkenly weaving our way into his room, and throwing overboard all of our pre-Baby 'I don't do morning' habits, we get up if Baby needs us. 

Reason #5 - because we carry
Because Baby can't walk yet, we carry. Up stairs, into buildings, over all manner of hurdles. Even if the f***ed up back is saying 'I need a break', we carry. 

Reason #6 - because we smile
Because whenever we see Baby, we smile. Because we greet him in the morning with smiles, we pick him up from kindergarten with smiles, we spend our day smiling at this wonderful being we have made. 

Reason #7 - because we guess
Because we have developed amazing guessing powers. Even with baby sign, Baby doesn't always sign what he wants or what is bothering him, so we adapt. We have developed a list of things it could be; if it's not a drink, is it milk? Are you hungry? Uncomfortable? Need a hug? One of the guesses, sometimes the last, but one of them always hits the spot. And so we keep ticking the boxes on our list, and guessing. 

Reason #8 - because we cuddle
Because we cuddle with Baby. Sometimes more than he wants, and we still keep cuddling. 

Reason #9 - because we clean up
Because we put away the toys strewn over the living room floor every evening, so that Baby can take them all out of their boxes again the next day and enjoy spreading them all over again. 

Reason #10 - because we love
Because we love Baby, unconditionally, sometimes unreasonably, and for always. 

This is my holler out to all the Moms and Dads out there! Make sure you pat yourself on the back once in a blue moon! If no one else does it, we can! 



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