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Expat Eltern (Serie 3) - Marisa und Rob von windelteufel / the Expat Parent (series 3) - Marisa and Rob from windelteufel

It's time for the next interview with Expat Parents! This time the German intro, by Marisa from windelteufel, is followed by her husband's, Rob's insights, in English, to their life as Expat Parents. As might be the case with other bloggers, we met via the good old internet and I am very pleased we did. I am even more pleased to introduce these two lovely people to you in this series. 


Das nächste Expat Eltern Interview ist da! Diesmal mit Rob, dem Ehemann von Marisa, die auf ihrem tollen Blog windelteufel schreibt. Wir haben uns, wie wahrscheinlich viele Blogger, über das gute alte Internet kennengelernt und ich freue mich, Euch heute die super interessanten Antworten dieser Zwei zu präsentieren. 

Viel Spaß! 

Hallo liebe Leser von MyMischMasch!

Mein Name ist Marisa und ich lebe mit meinem südafrikanischen Mann und unseren zwei Söhnen in Berlin. Rob und ich haben uns in Deutschland bei der Hochzeit von Freunden kennengelernt und schon ein Jahr später geheiratet. Er lebt seit 2003 in Deutschland und ist mittlerweile auch eingebürgert. Die Sehnsucht nach seiner Heimat kommt aber immer wieder mal durch, vor allem im kalten deutschen Winter ;) Da Rob der Expat ist, hat er die Interview-Fragen beantwortet. Ich kann dazu nur sagen, dass es für mich sehr bereichernd ist, die Kinder zweisprachig und mit zwei Kulturen im Hintergrund zu erziehen. Auch wenn es nicht immer leicht ist, gerade mit der Sprache. Aber es macht mich unheimlich glücklich, wenn ich merke, dass meine Kinder ihre Oma am anderen Ende der Welt verstehen, wenn sie mit ihnen über Skype spricht. Dafür lohnt es sich! 

First of all, let us know how you ended up as an expat parent?
As a kid I always wondered what life is like on the other side of the Ocean, and little did I know at that time my dreams would become reality one day. It all started around about 11 years ago sitting in my GM’s office worried about if I did something wrong. But this time I did not do anything wrong instead I was asked if I would like to move to Germany to work in the Berlin office. After around about 30 minutes of shock and awe I ended up accepting the offer. Not long after I had packed up and said my goodbyes and was on my way to a country I really knew nothing about and let alone a language that I could not speak. 6 years later many new friends and great times behind me, I met my wonderful wife at a friend’s wedding and before I knew it I was married to the girl of my dreams and had a small bundle of joy on the way. 
How does the fact that you or your partner are expats affect your parenting style?
I don’t really find it affects my parenting so much, of course the way and style I was raised was very different to my wife but the fundamentals are the same and I think the mixture between both cultures works perfectly for us.
What do you enjoy most about being an expat?
Having multiple places where I can call home, as well as being able to pass my culture onto my kids as well as friends.
What do you find most difficult about being an expat, and an expat parent?
For me the most difficult thing is being so far away from my roots, as well my kids will never have the close contact to their South African relatives as they do with the German relatives.
What would you recommend other parents, who are considering becoming expats?
Never lose your roots, always keep positive and never give up.

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