Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Taking stock..... in September!

I have been thinking of putting in place a monthly thing, and after checking out Meet Me at Mikes, got inspired to take stock of my, and our months. 

I have focused and tailored the list a bit to our life. 

So here goes: 

Celebrating: Baby's and my birthdays. Baby is one! 
Reading: Das innere Team in Aktion, by F. Schulz von Thun - a communications psych. book
Hoping: that Baby will settle in well in kindergarten
Wanting: more time to write
Looking: the colours changing in our garden
Playing: Where have all of Baby's building blocks gone? 

Drinking: lots of water
Finding: great things at second hand markets for Baby's kindergarten start

Following: berlin mitte mom

Missing: English cider
Smelling: the last roses
Enjoying: my new Pharrell CD I got on special sale
Loving: the vintage spinning top we found, fitting for Hamburg with sea gulls and boats

Making: a bigger blanket for Baby

Cooking: pumpkin soup
Feeling: like autumn and hot drinks

Hopefully I will manage to make this a regular, so keep coming! 

PS: Unser September, in meiner neuen monatlichen Serie.

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