Monday, 15 September 2014

My first Mommy blogger coffee meet!

This spring I received a surprise invitation from Britax/Römer, a company that makes car seats and other related baby transport items, to my first Mommy Blogger coffee meet! I was thrilled. My first chance to get together in person with other Mommy bloggers. Let's go!  

Mid-July we got on our way, to Café Osterdeich in Eimsbüttel, Hamburg. We don't make it into this corner of town much, so it was also a good excuse to discover a new area in Hamburg. Having arrived, we were warmly welcomed by the two ladies organising the event. There was a beautiful cake buffet right at the entry - yumm! Dangerous! 

There were 9 Mommy bloggers here, some with and some without kids, busy crafting and drawing in the corner, chatting and having a look around. As is to be expected for an event like this, the hosts brought along some of their products to be presented: the BOB Revolution Pro Joggerbuggy, that protects children from vibrations during the parents' jogging expeditions - nice buggy, but I can't say we would have that problem with the vibrations.... - as well as two car seats, the King II LS and the KID XP Familie. The first we already have a different version of, but it was interesting to see the KID XP, which is intended for up to 12 years of age. I could only remember the small foam seats from my childhood and it seems a lot has changed since then. 

Hess Natur, a clothing company, was also there and displayed some very nice pieces from their current childrens' line. Not a brand I am very familiar with, but the offer of -25% for all people present during July was definitely tempting. 

What I enjoyed most was getting to know lots of lovely colleagues and like-minded ladies. What a great opportunity to meet and exchange notes. I particularly enjoyed chatting with Ines, whose blog, Mumnmore, is for all things Mom and stylish. Daniela, who writes in Snyggbox, also sells decorative covers for the inside of buggy roofs, entertaining your Baby while it lies in the cot. I was quite impressed by Isabel, aroundmylittleworld, who came with her 6 week old little girl - what a cutie! It was great to meet people with a lot more experience than myself and get tips from them. After all, MyMischMasch has not been around for that long and it is always good to learn from your peers. Señor Pesky and his lovely onesies had a lot of fun too and especially enjoyed slobbering all over the building blocks in the kids corner

The icing on the cake was the lottery for the presented buggy and two vouchers for Hess Natur clothing, for 100 and 200 €. Even though the buggy was nice, we are very happy with our Cameleon and I was lusting after one of the vouchers. 

One of the little girls had the heady job of drawing the lots and .....  we won the 200€ voucher! Wow! I have never won anything like this before. How exciting! 

On leaving we received a goodie bag with all kinds of lovely stuff, some for me, some for Baby. What a lovely afternoon! 

First thing at home, we browsed the Hess Natur website and found some lovely clothing. Plenty to catch the eye there! The package finally arrived and we are so pleased. This is our loot: a warm overall, a jacket for the year after, two dribble cloths, a t-shirt and a pair of gloves (not shown). Yeah! 

Thank you to Britax/Römer, Hess Natur and the organisers as well as all the lovely people we met! 

PS.: Also warm greetings to Mihaela from Beauty Mami Blog, who I didn't have a chance to meet on the day, but who has got in touch via Twitter since. 

PPS: Dies ist der englische Artikel über das Britax/Römer Mama Blogger Cafe. 


  1. Delightful photos of what looks to have been a lovely Mommy blogger getogether! That the host companies provided such valuable prizes shows how much they value the Mommy bloggers. Bravo!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed! It was a lovely afternoon, made even better by our great prize!