Monday, 7 July 2014

What Baby likes

Before Baby arrived I had no idea such a little person could have such a big personality, and that it would be clearly noticeable from such a young age. This probably sounds silly to the experienced amongst you, but I figured it would take some time for a personality to develop amongst all the immediate requirements of food, changing, cuddling and sleep. 

Not so! Here is a list of some of the things Baby likes and dislikes at the tender age of 9 months. 

Baby finds hilarious: 
- the word 'clunk' 
- Hubby or me sniffing his diaper 
- the sign for 'stinky': waving your hand in front of your nose
- playing the no-no game 
- dropping things off his high chair
- Mom licking her plate after a particularly delicious dinner
- Hubby bopping a soft ball off his head 

Baby likes: 
- pear, to Hubby's dismay
- salmon, but only if it is fresh
- any fruit and particularly blue berries, banana, apricot
- kitties
- discovering the world by scritchy, scratchy 
  (for not-inaugurated: scratching all reachable surfaces) 
- the open fridge
- seeing himself in the mirror
- chewing on the edge protection of the coffee table
- splishy, splashy 
  (being in the water and splashing as much as he can)
- crawling, combat style through the flat

Baby does not like: 
- parsnip, much to Hubby's relief
- having his face wiped
- the sound of Velcro being pulled apart
- the sound of packages being ripped open 
  (we figure this will change soon)
- Mom's sneezes
- when it takes too long to get a onesie over his head
- when it takes too long to get his arms into the sleeves
- being in the baby carrier longer than he wants to

Does your baby have funny likes and dislikes too? 

PS: Hier geht es um die lustigen und eigenartigen Sachen, die Baby zum Lachen bringen, die er mag und die er nicht mag, in dem zarten Alter von 9 Monaten. 


  1. Baby obviously has a great sense of humor; bravo!!

    1. That he does! We are looking forward to seeing what will come next. There is nothing as constant as change in a baby, after all. :)