Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tangle teezer, Mommy pleaser!

So it is official now: our kid has more hair than Hubby and I combined. Not terribly difficult, I suppose: I wear mine short and Hubby has spent a significant amount of time since Baby's arrival fending of questions of the like 'So, he got all of your hair, did he?!' But still!!

Not only does he have more hair then we do, he also has curls, and with that come more hair care products than i have ever owned! 

The fact of the matter is his hair is so curly that the baby brush we naively purchased before he arrived served us for a whole grand 3 times before being rejected for its lack of brushing ability. All it ever seemed to do was smush his hair flat against his skull, giving him a bit of what I imagine a Bruno Kreisky look might be. It was swiftly followed by one my soft bristle brushes, which did not deal with the curls either, merely getting tangled in them, ending up in severe disgruntlement of the brushee and helplessness of the designated brusher. 

So, we went off to buy a conditioner. Apparently a niche market, conditioners for kids. At least here. We could not find a single one! All the drug store served up was combined shampoo and softener in bright pink, and shampoo we do not need. We ended up having to work our way through the hair care section for grown-ups in order to find something that actually just detangles and doesn't boost, volumise, endow lots of shine or colour or give your hair the ability to do maths.... or so it seemed. Finally, after what felt like hours, we managed to escape with something that, upon use, proved great, and didn't make Baby cry when rinsing water ran over his face. Hooray! 

And, addressing the brush issue: we got a great recommendation from our brilliant neighbour: the Tangle Teezer!! In case I have not told her enough to date, let me state it here again: we owe you for life, Julia! 

You have not heard of the amazing Tangle Teezer? A weird name you say! I agree, but it is amazing!

Let me enlighten you! I do not normally agree with advertising on blogs, but when something is this good, it must be done. For anyone with a child who does not like hair brushing, has curls or hair that tangles easily, this thing is a life saver. It looks a bit like a colourful, plastic version of the brushes used to groom horses. I know, I know, that does not sound promising, but it is really great. We got a blue and pink version and not only does it look more fun than a normal brush, but, more importantly, it gets through Baby's curls without getting stuck, no yanking or pulling required.  

We also have an emergency detangling spray in case he gets something stuck in his hair and washing is not immediately feasible, so we now feel much better prepared, and ready to face the hairy future! 

PS: Hier geht es um unsere haarigen Problem seit Baby auf der Welt ist und ein paar Lösungen, die uns super geholfen haben.


  1. This blog was really delightful, as well as informative!! Loved it!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the lovely feedback!