Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer in the city

Hubby and I made the, as it turns out, rather unwise decision to head into town this last Saturday. We had debated going to a couple flea markets for kids stuff, but they were all miles away and neither of us fancied a long, hot ride on the subway. Little did we know..... 

We finally get on our way and have brunch in our favourite local cafe, where all the 'Schickeria' is out again, unfortunately, as they have all discovered this lovely place as well. And now, to my great Chagrin, it has been featured in our favourite parents magazine - the only one we read - Nido. Get ready to face the crowds. 

Navigating our way through the masses to a table for three, we settle down and order, ready enjoy a lovely scrambled eggs with mushrooms and bacon on bread and a lentil soup. Sounds counter-intuitive on a hot day, I know, but it was really light and lovely. 

Once we leave there, the fun begins. On our way to the drugstore, with a rather long list. So long, in fact, that we even bothered writing it down this time, to avoid forgetting something. Now, our drugstore is nice and big, with plenty of space to navigate a buggy or two around. Or so one would think. When faced with somebody steering a very hip model from early last century, you are taught better. Talk about big turning circles. We finally make it to the cashier, after walking down what feels like every aisle at least twice and one of them at least 5 times in order to get Baby to sleep. 

The queue is huge, and we settle in for a long wait. Suddenly the one next door opens and we head that way. On our path, a middle-aged German woman pushes her way in, snaking around the front of the buggy. I move on, while to my left her husband huffs to a standstill, struck by the fact that he was not fast enough and apparently expecting me to move by the power of his huff. We have already started unpacking by this point. 'Komm doch hier rumm, wenn sie Dich nicht durch läßt'. 'Come around this way, if she won't let you through.' his wife barks, as he makes his way around behind us. Turns out they have only three items, none of which are immediately perishable, leaving me wondering how precious her time must be if she has to rush ahead of him and others that much. All of this distracts Hubby to the point where I have to ask him three times to get out the points cards for this store, to make sure we collect as much as we can on this sizable shop. 

After what feels like an eternity, we head out. And havem of course, forgotten something!!! Arrrggghhhhh. The disinfectant and the cotton wipes. oh well..... they will have to wait for next time. 

Hubby stops off at the Turkish grocery store on the way to pick up some veg, while I wait outside, carefully taking  a seat on a bench, hoping the two big Mamas on either side of me will not skwish me between them in their lively chat or, in fact, snap the bench in half. 

On the platform for our train, we head for a door in order to board, when an old man next to me grumbles 'Na, was jetzt?!!' 'Make up your mind??!!' at me while I attempt to get in without driving into him attempting to barge me to the right. In the train the lady next to me moves over in her seat. Do I smell? I can hear her husband telling her 'That is a woman, not a man.' She had better not be talking about me! I don't carry these 32GG babies around for nothing! 

Finally, we are home, and we resolve, never to go grocery shopping in town on a weekend again....hopefully...... 

PS.: Heute geht es um unserer Abenteuer im sommerlichen Hamburg am Wochenende der Unfreundlichkeiten. 

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