Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Can't hold me! Baby on the move!

Typing this while listening to a loop of 'Can't hold us' by the every amazing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, I am reminded of Bill Cosby's 'Bill Cosby, himself' and his brilliant pronouncement that his mother cursed him with 'may your children be just like you were when you were young'. Weird connection, you say? 

Let me explain...... 

Nothing can hold our little Baby at the moment, no bed, no mat and certainly not the arms of a parent trying to hold him. He, to his great indignation, discovered this himself when rolling around on his play mat last night only to discover that he can now roll further than the mat goes. The wood floor, unfortunately, is not as cushioned as he would have liked. 

It's not so much that he can crawl yet, but between rolling and shuffling, he certainly gets where he wants to go.

So much so that in the last couple of weeks we have found him either 90 degrees - clear across the width of his bed - or a full 180 degrees from where we put him down in his crib. So, this is where the song comes in. (If you don't know it yet, shame on you!) 

It so happens that, at the age when nightmares still drove me to Mom & Dad's  arms, my speciality was using up maximum space in the bed, leaving my parents hanging on for dear life on the edge, with very little sleep. Now, it seems, I will be in for my own dose of hanging on to the edge pretty soon. 

This brings me nicely to Bill Cosby:  I was introduced to Bill Cosby, Himself by my parents. We must have had in on video tape - how old am I ?!!! - from the US from my Grandpa, since it would not have been available in Vienna, I would have thought; and as we spoke English at home, most of our television came via video tape from my lovely Grandpa, may he rest in peace. The first time I watched this stand-up show, being a young teenager, I literally almost wet my pants (UK use of the word, for all you Americans out there). It is really, really the most funny I have ever seen him and absolutely brilliant. In this show - from the 70s or 80s - he covers, in addition to many other family related topics which I will not relate here as I do not have the talent to carry the humour well, the parental curse I mentioned above. 

So, while I am sure my parents did not curse me, it seems mother nature still has a great sense of humour; and we might be considering a bigger bed sometime soon......

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