Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bodystockings! Our weekend at markets.

My word of the week: 

In case you are, as I did, picturing someone in a full-body nylon, or in something like a hold-up with the lace on the top around the mouth area...... I am pleased to inform you, it is not. 

Bodystockings are..... big drum roll........... or rather is, a onesie! It has got to be the weirdest translation or term for this item of clothing I have ever heard. 

You are probably wondering how we came across it. Well, we were checking out a Danish website for very posh, organic baby clothing, and, in the baby section, there it was: a category called 'bodystockings'. Being as curious as I am, I of course had to take a closer look, and found a selection of this brand's onesies. We were not planning on spending our savings on Baby's next years wardrobe, but had been prompted to look at the site by this weekend's adventures. 

We spent Saturday and Sunday visiting a collection of flea markets  near us for baby wear, toys and related paraphernalia, and found a couple of pieces of clothing - one of them being a bodystocking - there from this brand. Being totally unaware of this company before, we met a neighbour at said market and were informed that the tops cost a fortune new,so we got curious. And, lo and behold, they do cost a fortune! 

Already feeling pretty satisfied with ourselves, we are now feeling like right little treasure finders! To think we got these two items with 6 others in a pack for a whole 10 euros. Life is good. 

We made several other great finds and discovered two great new playgrounds near us to go to with Baby too. As Baby's cherry-on-the-cake he had his first play in a sand box, including all the trimmings, i.e. trying, and in some measure succeeding, to ingest some of the sand pit too. 

My interesting experience of the weekend was an encounter with a lady at one stall, who, albeit not being a Mom - she was buying, as she loudly told the seller, for a friend; probably hoping to get a bigger discount - seemed to be rather desperate in her search. I was peacefully looking through a stack of t-shirts, when i started to feel, shall we say, a presence at my left elbow. Germans, it has to be said, have a very different understanding of personal space, particularly if you have lived in England, like I have. So, with this shadow at my side, and her arm hovering around me, dying to dart in on the stacks I was looking through, she then proceeded to ask: 'Should we trade places?' I didn't really want to go to where she was, but I was so flabbergasted by her not being able to wait and was just too damn polite, so we traded placed. And she then continued to dig through the piles of clothing in front of me, instead of where she was! 

But I should be grateful; if it had not been for said lady, I would not have spotted one of the really posh tops, which she was too cheap to get for the price the seller wanted from her due to her very pushy attitude. Luckily for us, my charm worked very well on the lady looking to sell..... ooops, that was an unintentional rhyme. 

Here are some of our finds: 

Happy hunting to all other flea market fans! 

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