Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Nominated for Liebster Award AGAIN! Thank you!

MyMischMasch has been nominated again for the 'Liebster Award' by totalverfelixt. As I did my last post on this in German, I have decided to do this one in Englisch. 

First of all, my thanks to the Mom of Felix for nominating me, and some extra love from MyMischMasch for living in my home town, Vienna, and for being patient with me taking ages to answer to her nomination. I am chuffed! 

'Liebster' translates to 'most loved' and the award is bestowed according to the following guidelines: 

  1. the nomination must go to a new-ish blog with less than 200 followers
  2. the nominee must back-link to the nominator
  3. the nominee answers 11 questions posed by the nominator and then
  4. nominates up to 11 other blogs to answer his or her own set of 11 questions.
Here are my answers to the 11 questions of totalverfelixt

1) Warum bloggst Du? - Why do you blog?
I love writing, and have lost track of that since I started working. At school homework and essays kept me busy, but now I have no excuse and a need to get back to expressing myself through writing, so starting a blog seemed a good beginning. 
2)Dein Lieblingsblog? - Your favourite blog is?
Oh, that's a hard one. I think, I would say,
3)Dein Lieblingsurlaub? - What was your favourite holiday to-date?
Definitely and absolutely New York, June 2012, which is why we went back in September that year too.
4)Der perfekte Tag? - What does your perfect day involve? 
Sun, my Hubby, my Baby, being in the garden and reading in my hammock. 
4)Der perfekte Tag? - What does your perfect day involve? 
Albeight the age difference, Judi Dench, because she is brilliant. 
6)Dein absolutes Lieblings- buch, lied, und Dein absoluter Lieblingsfilm - What's your favourite book, song and film? 
dear g-d, there are way too many to decide, but the following comes to mind: 
the 'in the Dales' series by Gervase Phinn, Amy Winehouse 'F**k me pumps* and, at the moment, both 'Despicable me's. 
7)Worüber kannst Du herzlich lachen? - What makes you laugh out loud? 
meinen Sohn
8)Hast Du einen Traum den Du Dir gerne erfüllen möchtest? - If you could make one of your dreams come true, which one would it be? 
Taking an extended holiday in the UK with Hubby and Baby, so we can show him all the places we love and discover new places with him.
9)Stell Dir vor Du könntest die Zeit zurückdrehen. Würdest Du etwas anders machen? - If you could turn back time, what would you do differently? 
I would not lay Baby on my stomache, like I did this morning, after feeding him, resulting in him puking on me. yummmm...... 
10)Deine liebste Jahreszeit - What's your favourite time of year? 
11)Als letzte Frage etwas, das die Welt in 2 Lager spaltet: ‘Last Christmas’ Glitzerflitzer (!) Glücksgefühle oder Würgekotzbrechreiz? - Which party to you belong to: the ones who love or hate 'last Christmas'? 
that depends on my mood..... but mostly love! 

Ok, so my turn to nominate: 

Claudia and memorapealia  - very cute English blog of another mischmasch family

David, Janni, Thomas and Thomas and ichbindeinvater - a Dad's blog, finally! 

Evelyn and mira-evelyn - lovely stuff and from Berlin, one of our favourite cities! 

Kit Kat and Kit Kat from the blog - another lover of Cafe Schmidt!!

Suse and ichlebejetzt - lovely! 

there, we go, more the next time round. 

And my 11 questions are: 

1. Rosa oder Blau? - pink or blue? 
2. Hörst Du andere Musik, wenn Kind/die Kinder mal nicht da sind?  - do you listen do other music, when your child/children are not in the house?
3. Vorspeise oder Dessert?  - starter or dessert?
4. Wo wolltest Du schon immer mal hinreisen? - Where have you always wanted to travel to?
5. Wann hast Du das letzte Mal die Nacht durchgetanzt?  - When did you last dance through the night?
6. Katzen oder Hunde? - cats or dogs?
7. Wann kamen Dir das letzte Mal beim Lachen die Tränen? - When did you last laugh so much you cried?
8. Haus oder Wohnung? - Apartment or house?
9. Wie viele CDs besitzt Du? - How many CDs do you own?
10. Wie viel Zeit verbringst Du auf dem Computer? - How much time do you spend in front of your computer?
11. Was machst Du am liebsten? - What do you love doing?

Have fun! 


  1. thank you so much MyMischMasch for nominating memorapealia! i'm thrilled and feel quite special right now! :) i will answer your questions shortly (as shortly as it gets being a mum...)! love from zurich

  2. so... i have answered your questions! :)

  3. Hey Cary - wie läuft das nun mit der Nominierung? Danke für die Hilfe. :-)

  4. Hi KitKat! Du kannst auf Deinem Blog einen Post zu dem Thema veröffentlichen, mit einem Backlink zu den Dich nominierenden Blog, Deine Antworten auf die 11 Fragen von mir und Deine Nominierungen anderer Blogs, die wiederum Deine 11 Fragen beantworten. Viel Spaß!

  5. Dear Claudia! my pleasure! you managed it really quickly! thank you for joining in.
    kind Regards,