Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hold your horses! - Series 1, part 3

For those of you who missed previous parts of this series, click here: for part 1, for part 2.

And on to the exercises....

"We start off our training by pulling our pelvic area up from our toes – I am not kidding!!! I am assured that only by using all my peripheral - to my pelvis that is - muscles and focusing my efforts on collecting them towards my pelvis, I will effectively strengthen this area and avoid becoming incontinent. Not that I am incontinent, but hey, you never know..... 

So, sitting on a stool and working very hard to follow the instructions to picture holding the reigns of at least six horses, I try to pull my toes, calves and legs in without clenching my buttocks – amidst ‘you all know how to clench your anus, don’t you?’ – while attempting to look suitably concentrated in order to avoid the beady eye of the midwife.
I am comforted to see that the Mom sitting next to me, who has just had her second, and is here because her first choice of course fell through, is looking similarly bedazzled and bemused.

In between I have to take a break as my bottomless-pit-of-a-son requires feeding again. And – oh no! – I am bottle feeding him, much to the disdain of one of the mothers, who stares at me and proceeds to breastfeed her little girl. Unfortunately the demo effect is lost a bit, as the poor little girl does not cooperate with her Mom's demonstration of exemplary Motherhood and is left wailing until the end of the lesson. Mothers! Humpf! Why can’t we just all give each other a break?

Once the midwife has given each of us an in-depth questioning on how we are doing with the exercise, she calls an end to this session and informs us that this a short one, only lasting an hour, but the next five will be 90 minutes, and, really, she could spend the whole ten hours of the course focusing only on this particular exercise, as there is so much depth to it. Isn’t that great? Yeah!"

More on my progress through the second lesson next time. 'See' you soon!

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