Friday, 14 March 2014

What the f*** are Mommy Wars?

As you may have noticed, I am not the most digitally well-travelled person. Ironic, me being an Engineer by training and partially profession, but as my favourite related saying in German goes 'dem Ingenööör ist nichts zu schwöörr'. Don't type that into any translate tool, it is unfortunately dialect and loosely translates to: 'nothing is too difficult for an Engineer'; doesn't sound nearly as good in English though, sorry.

Anyway, I am getting distracted. In my discovery of all connected to blogging I have been meandering my way around other blogs and sites - really enjoying some of the items of mom-101 - and I have ventured out of the German Mutterblogs terrain and entered that of Mommy blogs in the US. Having seen more than a dozen items on this, I leave the area thinking 

'What the f*** are Mommy Wars??!!!' 

In keeping with my post last week, have we not got enough things to do between changing stinky diapers, giggles, lovely smiles, playing, rocking, crying and hugging that us Mothers have to spend time at war with each other over how we raise our children? Seriously?! What are we fighting over here anyway? Do I win if I make another Mother more insecure than she is already anyway? Is the goal for all children to be raised the same? Cause then I am out. What a boring world!

Don't get me wrong, I have my judgemental moments, like anyone parent, and, in fact, probably, like just about anyone out there. And most of them recently have circled around some feeling of pity - I know! I would kill anyone who said they pitied me. - for some young Moms I have met who spend most of the time I see them in courses or for coffee asking one question after the other, to check they aren't doing anything wrong, or telling me about their latest worry. Arrrgghh! 

All I want to say is 'Straighten up! You are doing a good job! If humans were so bad at this, we would have died out by now!'

And don't Mommy Wars stem from this worry that we are doing something wrong? As in 'my way must be the right one, and if yours is different, it is wrong.' Well, guess what? I figure all parents do things wrong sometimes. If they didn't they wouldn't be human, and probably annoy the hell out of their kids. 

After all, mixed in with all the wrong things we do are many, many right things, so lets give each other a break. 

Those are my five-pence for peace amongst Mothers (and, by extension, parents). Looking forward to your views and stories on this! I'm out!

PS: Dieser Eintrag handelt um 'Mommy Wars' und meine Meinung dazu. 

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