Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bodysuit pimping!

As promised, the translated instructions for pimping a bodysuit, from my guestblog a short while ago. 

For those of you who are new here, I run two shops, on and, selling onesies with cute, cheeky and unique decoration on them. It all started with two things: our lovely neighbours gave us loads of clothing their kids had grown out of, which I started customizing, and we had real problems finding baby things that were not really boring or sickly sweet. And for boys... what is that all about?! more about that another time. 

Anyway, I have been enjoying the decorating so much that Baby's wardrobe is in grave danger of bursting. So I decided to let others enjoy my products. 

Part of my business is writing on the oensies, which can be quite tricky. This post will be about that and lots of pointers on how you can make it easier for yourself, if you want to try it at home. 

I will be working on 'little sweetheart', which has a figure applied above the writing. I am using a Javana teximäx pen in glitter red. You should be able to get pens like this in any handicraft store.

First of all and very important - wash the onesie! Otherwise your colours might not stick. Then spread it out flat on your working surface. I need a big one as I like to spread out, but obviously this can vary according to your needs and space available. 

In order to position my writing, I use an A4 sheet of paper, fold it down the middle of its width. I use this as the center line of my writing, which I practice on the sheet. Once the lettering is on the page, I place it on the onesie, and figure out where it will go.

Before I mark the final position, I place some baking paper in between the two layers of the onesie, to avoid the colour seeping through. 

Then I mark the lines where the writing will go on the bodysuit with sticky tape. 

We are ready to go!!! 

Shake your pen, as instructed on its label, and press down several times with its tip onto a rag, in order to get the colour flowing. You might have to do this several times during the painting process, to ensure you are always applying a nice, even layer of colour. 

Always make sure there are no bits of fuzz on the tip of your pen before you start writing. I find it easiest to apply colour when stretching the fabric slightly with my left hand and starting in the middle of the first word, in order to aid positioning. I start by lightly marking the letter and then going over it again until it has the desired width and shape. 

Half-way there!
Once you have finished the writing, let it dry. 

Then take another layer of baking paper, put it over the writing, and get out your ironing board and iron. Heat the iron up to cotton setting. Fix your writing by ironing over the lettering, which is covered by baking paper. Turn the onesie inside-out and iron the lettering area again. Don't forget to put some baking paper between the layers of the onesie during both of these actions as well. 

Tadaaa! All finished! 

And for those of you with two left, or right hands, who would prefer to purchase the finished thing, check out my stores: 


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