Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Welcome to MyMischMasch!

Hello! I'm Cary, the proud Mom of Baby, born September 25 last year. My lovely Hubby or, as i like to refer to him, 'Göttergatte' - a great German expression I have never been able to translate; hubby of the gods doesn't really sound the same, does it? - live with Baby in Hamburg. 

The title of this blog reflects the spectacular mix in our little family, which has resulted in a child that is part Irish, Scottish, Austrian and US American. Out household is bilingual and you will find this blog a bilingual mix of Deutsch (mostly the Austrian variety) and English (US American with a sprinkling of GB expressions), depending on which language takes me! 

I will be sharing cool experiences, weird observations, rants and recommendations ....  as a Mom-to-be and a new Mom in between cultures and living in a foreign country. Hope you find my outpourings useful and entertaining! 

Being totally new to this please bear with my inexperience as I figure out the technicalities of blogging! 

I have just realised this post is entirely in English, so, the resolution for next time is to have one at least mostly in German! 

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  1. Bravo, 'way to go, I'm with you from the beginning!