Monday, 24 February 2014

Origin story Señor Pesky

Hubby is doing a little victory dance in our living room as his telling and re-telling of bits of sci-fi paraphernalia has finally resulted in something sinking in and me using terms like 'origin story' in my blog. 

As a few people have been asking where we got the name of my store from, I thought i would take this opportunity. 

First of all, a bit of background on our weird little family and the cornucopia of languages that colour our life: 

Once upon a time, a girl moved from Vienna to Bristol to discover the big world and learn many new things. Little did she know that what she had thought was her entry ticket to the UK, her English, would lead to many, many, many, many occasions of apologies and white-flag-waving moments, accompanied by frantic assurances 'i am European, not American. really!' Once the frowns had passed, she picked up, quickly as she could, as many new words as possible: like 'pants' for underwear instead of trousers - this had led to many an interesting look before she figured it out! - loo roll for toilet paper, boot for trunk - this was all too confusing! Having managed to fit in Bristol and avoid deportation for being suspected of being American, the first holiday season came along, and with it, the return to home. Chattering away, the girl was yet again faced with confused looks, this time from her family stumped by the British terms snuck in to her everyday terminology. It was really getting hard to please or be understood by anyone at this point!

The years went on and the family adjusted to the girls oddities. What's one more amongst others? 

During one of her years in the UK, the girl met an Irish boy. What's one more version of English in the mix, anyway? Sprinkle some French and Spanish on top and 'Engerfrespan' was born, not very widely spread, but fully enjoyed in this household, probably the only place with no border control between England, France, Spain, Germany, Austria...

Eventually the time came to finish the studies and move on. The girl and boy had become quite 'serious' by this point and decided to move together, to Germany, an obvious choice for jobs and with a language he had learned and she spoke. or so they thought. They arrived in Hamburg, only to find out that, having left the UK, where she spoke the wrong version of English, they now spoke the wrong version of German, namely Austrian, in Germany, as well! She had grown up knowing there were a couple words separating the countries by common language, but now she found herself faced with knitted brows on german foreheads facing her more often than not. Enter the 'Ösi' - a German nickname for Austrians - word of the week, adding some extra colour to the final assembly line of the A380. 

So into this household came Baby, all fresh and new and totally uninitiated to Engerfrespan. But, being the lovely little Baby that it is, it has fully embraced its parents and all its colourful nicknames, including Señor Pesky. After all, that has more of a ring to it than Mr Pesky, doesn't it? In the end, we liked the contrast between his nickname on his onesie and the fact that he was sleeping so peacefully on the photo so much that we decided to make that the logo and shop name. We keep assuring others that he really is pesky sometimes, but somehow nobody believes us.  

And that is the end of my ramble for today..... and to all a good night! 

PS: heute geht es um die Geschichte hinter meinen Shopnamen - alles andere würde jetzt viel zu lange brauchen, um es zu erklären! 


  1. Hi Cary,
    ich habe dich getaggt für den "Liebsten Award" und würde mich freuen, wenn du mitmachst. Alle Infos findest du hier:

    Lg, Dajana von Mit Kinderaugen

  2. ja, mach ich gerne. hoffentlich schaffe ich es noch heute.Danke!