Saturday, 15 February 2014

My digital age

I hereby out myself as probably one of the last people my age - without giving too much away, I still, just about, fall into the 'young adult' category - who is not fully tapped into the digital world, and still, until quite recently lived happily in the analogue dark ages. Believe it or not, I still do not own a smartphone. Worse even, I had one and then gave it to Hubby, as it drove me nuts! I was the last in my family to own a cellphone full-stop, and now have one of those blissfully simple ones that mostly is there to just, you know, call people. It still has a camera, as that proved too difficult to avoid. Also, I have to admit, I do actually use that every now and again now that Baby is here. All in all, this probably puts me at the digital maturity of an infant.

Interesting, as my current explorations into facebook and blogging are driven mostly by me having opened a store in Dawanda, triggered by the arrival of Baby. These ventures have got to be the least organised ones I have ever undertaken. I am totally new to the whole sharing and liking business and, as a mild perfectionist, am finding it needs a bit of getting used to, at least for me. Completely unlike my parents, who are light years ahead of me; most likely in many, many ways, but as noticed most recently, particularly digitally. The generational gap was even more highlighted to me around everything to do with Baby. I was still, at least in my mind, living with the images were parents would have had to deal with good old printed photographs, which were sent as often as a roll could be finished, and where the occasional phone calls were rationed by stupendous calling charges.

So then Baby comes and it's like we have entered a new world! Family workings are re-jigged a bit anyway when a new member arrives, as I have learned, and particularly if you live in a foreign country from the Family. I am sure some of you know the feeling. So we enter the digital highway of instant photo transfer, posting, sharing and the like. Thank goodness for me Hubby has a smartphone (I know, I know! my little inner hypocrite is showing!) and can send pictures to the Family more easily than having to get them off a memory card, onto the computer...... otherwise we might have a uprising on our hands! :) Bless the days when Photos were exchanged, I don't know, but lets imagine, say, once a month. Nowadays - i sound like a digital Grandma now! - pictures are sent at least once a week and gladly so. Particularly since that the Grandparent bug might have corrupted the memories of what it was like before the digital highway reached everyone. :)

But as a good-old mild control freak, I still have my trouble getting used to the difference of showing Friends and Family a physical photo and putting it out there in the digital world. Physical photos i can take home and keep in my nice little cupboard, all for me. Digital copies can be shared and shared alike, zooming around the world, in keeping with the very advantage of the internet, namely being able to reach more people. I would not want to turn the clock backwards - where would i be without internet shopping and email after all??? - but the ancient part of me is taking some time to adjust to my digital age to that of the rest of the world.

PS: In diesem Eintrag geht es um mein Digitalalter, die Anpassung an Kommunikation im Interent, die Versorgung der Familie mit Fotos und ein bißchen mehr.

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